All our plans are easily managed from Telegram and can be purchased with crypto or fiat currency.


$29.95 / month

( Recurring subscription )

  Broker 1 Account

  Unlimited Symbols

  One Webhook  (50 msg daily limit)

✓  Standard Commands

  Standard Reporting

  Invite only channel

  One complimentary trading robot

  Support Channel


$99.95 / month

( Recurring subscription )

  Everythihg from Basic plus

  All robots featured in Level 1 channel

     available for simultaneous activation.


$199.95 / month

( Recurring subscription )

  Everythihg from Premium

  10 Forex robots

  Mash-up Hedging System *

  5 minute interval trading

* Requires hedging account and is NOT available for U.S. residents.

In addition to the basic features, all our subscriber plans include a complimentary trading robot.


Choose from the most heavily traded instruments in the world. Optimized for CFD’s and micro futures contracts, our SPX500, UK100 and NAS100 index traders run entirely on the cloud and can be easily configured from your invite only channel. Signals from our cloud system are converted to market orders and transmitted to your MetaTrader 5 broker. Want to trade along side your robot, in the same account? No problem! Each system is only concerned with its designated symbols. Your MetaTrader 5 terminal can still be your dedicated platform for all other trades. With these high liquidity instruments our automated systems will trade your account 24 hours a day without the need to run MetaTrader on your laptop. Keep an eye on your robot’s activity through alerts sent to your channel.