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Power your MetaTrader 5 account with our cloud based systems.

Apply our automated systems to your MT5 account and manage them through our innovative Telegram channels.

Experience the future of forex trading with our cloud based systems.

We have the most advanced MetaTrader 5 trading robots available as a cloud system. Configure, start, stop and manage your account through our innovative Telegram channels. With our Basic Plan your account is automatically on the cloud. You don’t need a VPS. Our trading strategies have been in development for nearly a decade and encompass both swing trading and trend follow disciplines. Our most successful strategies take advantage of same symbol hedging to reduce risk and capture yield from both sides of the trade. Your configuration panel allows you to deploy advanced trading algorithms such as Martingale and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) for high stakes trading. Select your favorite instruments or trade the entire bundle with a click of a button. 


We offer subscription bundles to accommodate various investor types. From individual to fund manager or prop trader. Are you considering a Self Direct IRA with a forex component? Our systems are designed to operate for long periods in full automation mode. While we can’t guarantee profits, we will say that the entire financial industry is rapidly changing with robotic systems becoming an integral part of the transaction decision making. Someday, in the near future, the human money manager may be replaced by an AI tied to an execution network just like ours. Don’t wait, experience the future now with our HullBuster systems!

Follow your market forecast with our automated directional trader.


Looking for a long only system? Our revolutionary Meteor Tail channel is designed to keep you in the market in the direction you believe most profitable for as long as the trend endures. Long or short, bullish or bearish, you decide which trading direction to pursue. Follow your favorite forecaster, signal provider or trade the news. Stay in the trade days, weeks or just minutes. Activation and setup are accomplished through a simple webapp available in your invite only channel. Your MetaTrader 5 account is managed from your Telegram channel everywhere Telegram is available. Allowing you to change direction quickly and conveniently in response to global events. This system is vastly superior to a trailing stop and most off-the-shelf tools offered by retail brokers. Tired of getting stopped out of your trade while the trend marches higher? Press the Learn More button to see how Meteor Tail can help you get the most out of those big market moves.

Get the most out of a range bound market with our convenient Instant Hedging feature.

Our Instant Hedging feature lets you reverse the intrinsic bias of our robots enabling your trading system to operate both long and short, simultaneously, on the same symbol. Currency pairs spend most of their time ranging. With clean breakouts only appearing a few times a year. While the instrument is trapped in a price range it doesn’t matter which side you trade. Both long or short positions can, potentially, be profitable. Why not take advantage of this condition by exploiting dual sided trading? As the price moves back and forth in the range each side will open and close trades when appropriate. While this is an unconventional way to trade currencies, it is the most efficient method we have found to benefit the from listless markets. This innovative feature can be applied to your MetaTrader 5 hedging account from the bot configuration form available in your invite only channel. Simply press the “Reverse Intrinsic” button. Our servers will then allocate two opposing robots to your selected symbol. Please note that jurisdictions where hedging is restricted, such as residents of the United States, a separate netting account will be required. Also know that your account will require double the capital since your broker will receive double the orders and utilize double the margin. 

Add excitement to your trading life with our automated bracket trader.


Looking for a new way to trade forex? Our bracket trader combines a betting algorithm and trend follow strategies to produce a low margin system with a slight casino-esque trading experience. This system is always in the market on every symbol activated. The position direction is reversed on each stop loss and the size of the position is increased on every reversal. Winning trades reduce the accumulated debt until the losses are recouped. Trades bounce between bracket walls getting bigger on every bounce until a break out occurs. Once that happens, the larger position sticks to the trend direction until the next bracket. You determine the width of the bracket through the stop levels set in the bot configuration form. Along with the incremental, step and maximum position size each symbol can receive a custom set of trading rules you control from your invite only channel. This system comes with 10 currency pairs. Run only 1 or run them all but be warned this system is highly addictive. Please only trade what you can, realistically, afford to lose. If you are interested in adding a little gambling flair to your trading life then press the learn more button now.

Manage your MetaTrader 5 account with simple webapp forms available through Telegram’s powerful Bot Revolution.

Each subscription entitles you to specific invite only channels where your trading resources can be found. Use simple webapp forms to manage your MetaTrader 5 automated systems. Our HullBuster bot channel is where you will receive execution and status messages from trading activity performed on your account. You can use our bot channel to launch various useful webapps to interact with your account directly. Like placing market orders or calling up a report. Manage your subscription through our HullBuster subscribe bot. You can cancel, upgrade or renew anytime with simple to use Telegram menus powered by Invite Member. Please note that we do not offer refunds for any reason. However, our basic and premium plans do include a 7 day free trial.

If you are new to Telegram then know this. Telegram is a free instant messaging app and is one the fastest growing social media platforms with over 700 million users. It is ranked in the top 5 most downloaded apps and number 1 in many countries. Available on both iOS and Android. It enables you to send and receive messages without revealing your phone number. However, for content providers, the real benefit lies in the Telegram channels. Public or private communities can be grown around media relevant to the interests of that group. Information sharing, videos, controls, chat bots, etc. Telegram recently released their Bot Revolution version providing enhanced support for ecommerce within channels making it possible to create virtual stores delivering real products worldwide. As such, our products are sold, managed and supported solely within the Telegram channels made available by your subscription


Our fully automated systems run on the cloud, require no installation and are managed through your invite only channel.

Looking for a fully automated robotic trading system? Our high performance, high risk forex bundles are designed to accommodate both hedging and netting account types. U.S. Residents may take advantage of our FIFO compliant packages to be deployed against MT5 netting accounts. Clients in jurisdictions where hedging is legal may select from our high performance hedgers. All of our systems are equipped with martingale and dollar cost averaging (DCA) algorithms. If enabled these features may strain your account’s available margin so larger starting capital is recommended. Our trading robots run as standalone network processes independent of the MetaTrader 5 platform. These systems and the 

strategies they employ have been in development for many years. Though the strategies themselves cannot be altered, you decide how they execute trades in your account through the controls available In your invite only channel. The instruments in each bundle have been tailored to trade harmoniously as a set but can be individually activated. Run only one symbol or run them all together. Simply click on the “Activate” slider. The “Linear Quest” product is included in the basic subscription as a complimentary system. Please note that all of our trading systems are intended for experienced trading professionals with an appropriate risk tolerance. Please see our CFTC disclaimer below.

Our basic subscription comes with a webhook connected directly to your registered trading account.

Have your own trading system written in Python, JavaScript or any language? Looking to turn your system’s buy signal to an actual trade? Our basic subscription comes webhook ready! The webhook accepts a simple single level JSON object with properties designed to carry a market order payload. The webhook URL uses an HTTPS endpoint for secure end to end transmission. The documentation for this API is available through a command in the HullBuster Store Bot. Please note that this API is limited to 50 messages per day and as such does not support high frequency trading (scalping). Already have a TradingView membership? You can use their powerful Pine language to create a strategy of your own design. Then send your alert to your webhook URL. For enhanced performance, be sure to use the “tv-detect” command so our network can decipher the TradingView embedded variable values. You can read about it in our TL;DR webhook documentation.


Telegram is the perfect app for discrete trading.

Do you reside in a region with restricted internet access? Want to trade from the office but have restricted WIFI ports? Telegram’s AES encrypted message protocol combined with its social media features and wide device availability make it the perfect tool for incognito web access. Be it frequent or discretionary. Look no further than recent military campaigns around the globe where soldiers on both sides increasingly use Telegram to send mission critical information right from their cell phone. Telegram only needs port 80 (public HTTP) to communicate with our servers and our web apps are light. The MT5 terminal is, by comparison, a much heavier application with symbol tick streams being a dead give away. For our subscribers, the market order form can be called up from the HullBuster bot channel for

on-the-fly trading. Our automated systems, on the other hand, 

only need to be configured once in a while. Fully automated systems such as Evil Twins are designed to run unattended for long periods so the configuration panel shouldn’t be need often. Meteor Tail is a uni-directional trader so you may desire to set the trading bias per session based on your read of the market. If you enable “Relay Results” in the configuration panel your HullBuster bot channel will receive trading results whenever broker orders are processed. That way you can keep an eye on what your robots are doing and intervene if you feel it necessary. Enable Telegram notification on your iPhone, iPad or iWatch to receive real time alerts wherever you are.

CFTC RULE 4.41 - Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under — or over — compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown.

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