Signal Fortress 

Basic Set up

Instrument Type:


Instrument type: FX,Stock,Crypto




Base quantity per trade:

Micro lot = 1000 Untis

Minimum profit:

Take Profit = Min Profit ( pips)

Stop offset:

Stop offset = Limit losses 

Long and Short Features set up

Natural decay:


Prefer long:

You prefer open long 


Prefer short:

Make system activate

You prefer open short

Take full profit on long/short conflict:

need figure out

Safety Feature Trading Set up

   Min time to wait after consecutive loss:

You prefer open short

   Max number of consecutive loss:

You prefer open short

Min time to wait after stop loss:

You prefer open short

 Min space between Trade:

You prefer open short

 MIn times between Trade:

You prefer open short

Increase Position Feature Set up (Outsite of USA)

Increase position profitable close:

Incremental average down:

Max average down levels:

Max forward accumlation: